Susanna Sharp

Clean. Clear. Concise.
Your words, made better.

About Susanna Sharp

A good editor can take good copy and make it great.

I discovered an eye for this kind of detail during my first semester of college. A professor placed a pile of literary journals on his desk and said it was multiple copies of the same issue, a reject from the publisher. He offered extra credit to any student who returned one to him that correctly identified the 42 errors within. I found 48. I relished the hunt. I have worked with the written word ever since, for newspapers, magazines, government agencies, colleges, nonprofits and for myself. I have degrees in journalism and geography from Syracuse University and the University of California.

My goal is to enrich your content.

“It became quickly apparent that we needed to make sure to run every word through Susanna before it left the office. Her talents always ensured we put our best foot forward.”
Christina Carlson
Executive Director, FIRC

Services Offered

Desire a skilled editor to rework your text and produce a cleaner result?
I can shift from light editing to deep rewrite, no problem.

Feel your content is fraught with wordiness?
I adore concision.

Need a final eye on your project to ensure perfectly clean content?
I detect and correct errors.

I can help your written word shine. I've worked for individual writers, nonprofit groups, government, publishers and other businesses small and large. The following are some examples of the content I’ve handled.

marketing materials  
business documents
annual reports
web copy
ad copy
term papers
test banks
grant proposals 
general nonfiction
technical documentation
application essays
personal correspondence
magazine articles

I offer three levels of service:

Content editing

This is in-depth editing that often involves a fair amount of rewriting.

The work is more intensive, likely requires some research and very often necessitates some back and forth for clarification. I'll eliminate wordiness and improve the flow of your document. I may even create new content to improve the clarity.


This is what most people need.

It’s all about about improving syntax and accuracy. I will correct grammar and spelling, point out inconsistencies and improve flow. This may require me to lightly rework your text, possibly restructuring for clarity and readability.


This should be the final step in editing your content.

At this stage, you are satisfied with your phrasing and the organization of your document. I will eliminate cosmetic errors, make minor corrections and point out questions that arise. If you hire me to proofread your document, I will not rewrite or reorganize sentences, or correct considerable formatting issues.

“Susanna’s approach to editing my content was easy and amazing. She could whittle pages of text down to a clear organized message that really resonated with our clients.”
Shanna Koenig Camuso
Government Affairs Consultant

How it Works

The length of your content determines turnaround time. I can complete most projects in a few days or less. Extensive projects may take longer to complete, and in most instances I can return sections to you as I finish them. Every project is different. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions.


Every client deserves a clear idea of how much a project will cost before work begins. An hourly rate is common, but all projects are different and the time it takes to complete them varies. I simplify the proofreading and copyediting process by charging by the word count of your submitted document.

    Proofreading:     $0.025/word
      Copyediting:   $0.04/word
    Content Editing:     $50/hour

Please note: Additional charges apply if your project requires a materials review or other time-intensive special considerations. I'm happy to discuss your needs at any time.

Payment Options

I accept checks, credit cards and Paypal.

Please note that a 3.5% transaction fee applies to credit card and Paypal payments.

Payment is due for all projects before work begins. For projects that exceed $250, I accept a 50% retainer with the balance due before delivery of the final product.

"No matter what project Susanna took on, I always knew I could expect the end product to be excellent.”
Gail Edgerly
Arts Council Executive Director


Feel free to email with any questions or to just say hello!